Your Graduate Representatives

Graduates in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (GEAS) are comprised of graduate student representatives from the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology. We hold approximately monthly meetings wherein we discuss issues that pertain to the grad student experience, from the perspective of academic, professional, and personal development. For the 2017-2018 academic year, our committee representatives are comprised of:

  • GEAS President – Louisa Barama
    President is responsible for chairing meetings and acting as liaison between faculty, administration and GEAS.
  • GEAS Vice President – Miguel Neves
    Secretary is responsible for scheduling meetings, taking minutes, and keeping student body informed about the goings-on of the GEAS via email.
  • GEAS Treasurer – Karim Lakhani
    Treasurer ensures adherence to the GEAS budget bylaws and oversees allocation of funds.
  • Web Master – Annika Jersild
    Web master maintains GEAS website and social media accounts. 
  • EAS Seminar – Melody Lu
    Chair of the EAS Seminar committee, which coordinates visits from graduate-selected, invited speakers.
  • Graduate Student Symposium – Melody Lu
    Chair of the GSS committee, which organizes an annual, day-long conference featuring talks and posters by EAS grads.
  • Student Government Association EAS Senator – Louisa Barama
    EAS Senator acts as a liaison between the Georgia Tech SGA and GEAS.
  • Social Committee – Justin Lawrence
    Chair of the Social committee which plans recreational events for grad students in our department.
  • Student Recruiting – Tyler Vollmer
    Coordinates grad student volunteers to run the Prospective Student visit in spring of each year.
  • Professional Development – Derrick Murekezi
    Helps facilitate professional development opportunities, with a focus on non-academic career paths. 
  • Women in Geoscience – Elise Beaudin

and our academic representatives are:

  • Space and Planetary Science – Elizabeth Spiers
  • Geophysics – Miguel Neves
  • Paleoclimate – unoccupied
  • Biogeochemistry – Erin Castorina
  • Oceanography & Climate – Anh L Pham
  • Dynamic Weather & Climate – Melody Lu

Feel free to contact us with questions ( General inquiries can be directed to Louisa Barama.